PEONIA creates skin care products empowered by next-generation biotechnology achievements.
Lithuania is growing into a new hotbed of biotech activity. The country has an impressive track record of outstanding international achievements in the industry. Lithuania’s life science sector is growing by 20-25% annually, focusing on the production and research of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical devices.
Many of the products developed in Lithuania are geared towards international markets, with 90% of all life science products and services being exported around the world.

Next generation biotechnology achievements inspired “Peonia Lab” to create a high quality, efficient and price wise skin care product. We have created a skin care product line in cooperation with Lithuanian biotechnology companies and Lithuanian health science university scientists which combines unique formulas and the complex blend of bioactive ingredients.

PEONIA (lat. paeonia) brand originates from peony plant, which is widely spread in Lithuania. We use 100 % natural peony extract, which we chose for its subtle scent and outstanding looks. All Peonia skin care products smell peony –it stands for our brand.

Our skin care packages preserve active constituents of unique formulas and are easily recycled. We use only ecological, environmentaly harmless and anti- alergic paints.